February Greetings

This month marks the first day of spring, and according to the calendar, spring begins on this day. "Oni Ha Soto!" and "Fuku wa Uchi" have completed the Setsubun production for each class, and you can see the unique demon masks.

Children are asking questions about demons, such as, "Do demons come?", "Where do they come from?", and "Where do they live?" In addition, the children are looking at the demon masks that were made during Setsubun, and are reading picture books featuring demons more often than usual, so the children are curious about demons. ``Is it really going to come?'' ``If it comes, I'll protect you!'' It motivates me to protect myself and my little friends.

On February 2nd, we would like to use the courage and power of the children to exterminate the teachers who have turned into demons and bring in lots of good fortune. On that day, we will make Setsubun and take the beans home. Please throw beans at home as well.

In January, the flu was rampant. Things have calmed down quite a bit now, but we are stepping up hand washing, gargling, and disinfection. After consulting with Dr. Kamata, the nursery school doctor, if a member of your family who lives with you is infected with an infectious disease (influenza, coronavirus, streptococcus, adenovirus, viral gastroenteritis, chicken pox, etc.), we will prevent the infection from occurring. We ask for your cooperation in refraining from attending kindergarten as much as possible.

The plum blossoms are starting to bloom, and the peach blossoms will soon start preparing to bloom. Spring is slowly approaching as it gets colder and warmer. Let's be careful not to damage our health due to changes in temperature. For children, "play" is exactly "learning." Learning includes both visible growth and invisible emotional growth. What kind of learning and growth have the children achieved while playing and living at the kindergarten over the past year? We would be happy if you could feel our growth through events such as play parties. There are only two months left in this academic year, and we are entering the period of finalizing our studies and preparing for promotion. All of our staff will do their best to help the children learn as much as they can while playing with their friends and staff.