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People often say, "I can read Japanese, but I can't speak it". "Even though I studied English for six years in middle school and high school, I still can't have a conversation".

We started an English club to help children learn English conversation in a fun and natural way through songs, games, and play.

The purpose is to "Learn about foreign culture and customs from foreign instructors" and "Know that there are people with skin different from their parents". We believe that this is the first step toward internationalization for children. It's not just about learning English conversation, it's about learning about the differences in the customs and culture of each country through interaction with instructors, expanding children's minds, experiencing the interest and fun of English conversation, and learning the basics of the mind to help them cope with globalization. We aim to create.

Adult English Class

This course is for people who have studied English conversation and can understand what native speakers speak slowly, but find it difficult to speak. Learn practical English conversations that will be useful in daily life and when traveling abroad. By having many opportunities to speak through English conversation practice, you will eliminate feelings of embarrassment and fear. We will not only study the language, but also the cultural differences between English-speaking countries and Japan. Our native English speaking instructors will conduct classes in a polite and fun manner. It's OK to start from scratch!

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